PopShots new Tres Panache Imprintables applies the fresh and striking designs of the popular Tres Panache greeting card line to imprintable stationery.

This highly stylish creation provides consumers with a very fashionable new way to generate personalised Party Invitations and Thank-you notes. Tres Panache Imprintables can be printed at home by computer to generate a lasting impression. Sold in clear acetate boxes with coordinating ribbon, Imprintables include 8 notes and nine pearlescent envelopes, as well as a template and instructions for personalisation.

The card themes span wedding, anniversary, new baby, birthday, party and moving home. They can easily be merchandised with a J clip and/or on any retail shelf.

Mini Cards

Tiny greeting cards, just 3 inches square, they featuring the best art from the main PopShots and Tres Panache lines but with a little bit of the same magic.

PopShots Treasures + City Cards

A moving experience. Unlike simpler pop-up cards, Treasures turn, expand and unfold in a magical way. Charming customers. Making sales. To beautiful paper, we've added a sensory experience with glitter, ribbons, lace bows, and soft plush. Turning our cards into collectables. A way with words. Most of our Treasure card let customers choose one of six messages. So each card is perfect for multiple occasions. Don't be surprised when customers buy one card to give and a few to keep. We call them Treasures for that reason.

Tres Panache

Beautifully hand crafted with images of love and passionate bows ... irresistable for lovers and messages of love throughout the year! The Tres Panache range of cards appeals to a broad array of sending occasions. Printed on exquisite paper with pastel envelopes, each card is embellished with delicate rhinestones, scalloped edges, glitter and woven ribbons, adding that handmade elegance.The same add-on treatment bring a true hand made feel to the Christmas line as that in our Everyday range. Cards are open wrapped.