These European designed cards bring an added sales opportunity through their location on traditional card racking and spinners. 6 inches x 8 inches
The cards are open wrapped to allow customers to see the action inside.

4002 Dancing Snowmen
4002 Dancing Snowman: As card opens, the snowmen lift their hats.
4004 Christmas Tree
4004 Christmas Tree
4005 Skiing snowman
4005 Skiing Snowman: As card opens, a single snowman appears from behind a tree, skiing across the scene.
4006 Snowman in Scene
4006 Snowman in Scene
4007 Santa Over Moon
4007 Santa over the moon: As card opens, Santa and his sleigh pop forward as well as foreground trees.
4008 Animal Carolers
4008 Animal Carol Singers: As card opens, the group of animals stand forward.
4009 Santas Workshop
4009 Santa's Workshop: As card opens, Santa, his desk and some of the gifts sit forward.
4010 Santa Over Roof
4010 Santa over Roof: As card opens, Santa in his sleigh and the reindeer pop forward. Also available as Advent Calendar.
4011 Sleigh Ride
4011 Sleigh Ride: As card opens, the bridge and sleigh pop forward from the snowy scene.