Business to Business

PopShots Studios is the sister company of 3Dimensional Communications Inc who have been established world leaders in the design of 3D paper products for 20 years. We are now moving into the European Business to Business sector to supply corporate companies with exciting, innovative products for their marketing needs.

The Globe Greeting – A dramatic new marketing tool!

Amaze your clients with this innovative piece that won “Best New Product” Award at the 2005 National Stationery Show.

This unique, patented Globe Greeting allows you to dazzle your customers with an eye-popping promotional product that showcases your business message in an imaginative format that is certain to delight and fascinate your clients.

Go to see a flash image of the Globe become three dimensional before your eyes!
The Globe can be personalised in many different ways, from a totally bespoke design to the addition of a personalised label mounted or attached as a mini card to the front of the globe.
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